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The organization was established in August, 1999 to be a one stop source for Christian resource worldwide.  Formerly named Gospel Connection International the focus was to see ministry as an appropriate vehicle offering holistic ministry to both those who know Christ and those who are in need of accepting Him. 

Many relationships were built with the community and members of the Kingdom that were instrumental in propelling the organization to the masses.  Time was well spent in development, planting and implementing activities for men, women, teens and pastors across the United States to hear the Word of the Lord.

In addition, this organization has strived to offer training, economic development and community mobilization for the purpose of showing the love of Christ to those who need help.

In 2006, the organization’s name was changed to Destiny Revealed International to reveal the new focus, direction and vision of the organization.  For many years, the concept of purpose and destiny was starting to evolve in all aspects of the organization, people were hungry to realize and awaken into their life’s purpose. 

It is the foresight of Destiny Revealed International to be the bridge that provides the tools for clarity and confirmation in the awakening process of purpose headed for the road of destiny. 

       Realizing Your Purpose,
                                            to Fulfill Your Destiny!

Destiny Revealed International, Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.
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