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Our motto:

“Realizing your Purpose to Fulfill your Destiny”!
Your purpose is always before you,
but sometimes you just need someone
to help you realize it.

Many people are displaced in life, suffering from depression, frustrations and the feeling of emptiness brought on by unworthiness not really knowing where they fit in or if they fit in at all.  This is caused by people not tapping into their life’s purpose, nor realizing the purpose of their birth.  Your purpose is hidden underneath the cloud of destructive patterns in your life. 

We intend to give you the tools and know-how for the awakening of the purpose within you.  Our seminars, workshops and coaching programs show you how to expose the lies we have believed to hold us back and reveal the truths of the richness in purpose that has been waiting for us. 

Through our "Commanding Your Destiny" coaching you will
discover within yourself:

  • Your Identity, Who & whom I am
  • Your Destiny, What is the reason for my birth
  • Your Purpose, The evidence of the emergence of identity and destiny

No one can impede your progress. If you stay steadfast, concentrated and stick to the set goal and vision it will be achieved. What you wish you can do, you can.

What's my purpose here?I know I was born with a awesome purpose!I know I am meant for destiny!The eyes of purpose and destiny!
      Realizing Your Purpose,
                                            to Fulfill Your Destiny!

Destiny Revealed International, Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.
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